Control housing maintenance costs and quality

The M3NHF Schedule of Rates comes with everything you need to specify repairs, let a measured term maintenance contract and control housing maintenance costs and quality.

The M3NHF Schedule of Rates covers responsive and void repairs and renewals to social housing and contains both composite and elemental descriptions which are fully priced and compatible with all leading repairs ordering systems. It is also supplied with a comprehensive Specification of Workmanship and Materials and the NHF Form of Contract 2011 (REV4:2016).

The Form of Contract 2011 (REV4:2016) is specifically designed for repairs and maintenance contracts and comprises: an invitation to tender incorporating model evaluation processes in compliance with European and UK Procurement regulations, the articles of agreement, a price framework, contract details, the contract conditions, the preliminaries and a key performance indicators (KPI) framework.

Version 7 of the M3NHF Schedule of Rates is the latest version, released in August 2016. To find out what is new in Version 7, click here.

Price per property/price per void

A new set of contract conditions that cater for the procurement and management of contracts to be let on a price per property and price per void (PPP/PPV) basis is now available through the M3NHF Schedule of Rates. In response to a request from the National Housing Maintenance Forum (NHMF) and the NHMF Contractor Forum, Rand Associates Consultancy Services, in conjunction with Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP as the legal advisers to the NHMF, have prepared this version of the NHF Form of Contract and The Invitation to Tender Document which specifically sets forth conditions relating to the tendering of PPP/PPV contracts. See more.

A5 Medium Descriptions

Printed A5 reference versions of the M3NHF Schedule are extremely popular with both clients' and contractors’ office and site-based staff. These books, colour-coded by section, show the section titles for the schedule of rates, codes, titles, medium descriptions, units of measure, the rates for the SoR item and its suggested priority.


We offer training on not only the M3NHF Schedule but also other products within our product range. Please look at the training page to see the range of training options that are available.


The M3NHF Schedule of Rates was recently tested in a court case and we are reassured that the contract documentation was found to be robust. However, the case highlights the risks involved with altering or substituting parts of the documentation which may expose the client to future risk. Subscribers preparing for tender may wish to refer to the details of the case. More detail can be found here.

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