M3NHF Schedules - Model Contract Notices

Our new Model Contract Notices save you time, and ensure notices to contractors are issued correctly.
They follow the NHF Form of Contract 2011, covering every occasion where a client may issue a notice to a contractor under the terms of the contract.


Documents included:

  • Final Payment Notice
  • Breach Notice
  • Client Representative Instruction to complete or not to complete an Order
  • Client Representative Instruction to Rectify or not to Rectify a Defect
  • Completion Certificate
  • Deed of Novation - New Client
  • Deed of Novation - Subcontract or Supply Contract to Client
  • Default Notice
  • Final account payment notice
  • Guidance on Party Wall Notices
  • Interim Completion Certificate
  • Interim Payment Notice
  • List of Additional Payments
  • Notice of Addition of Properties to or Omission of Properties from the Contract
  • Notice of appointment of new Client Representative
  • Notice of approval of a Remedial Plan
  • Notice of Assignment
  • Notice of delegation of Client Representative duties
  • Notice of Extension of Contract Period
  • Notice of failure to achieve Minimum Acceptance Performance Level
  • Notice of Material Breach
  • Notice of Recommencement of the issue of Orders
  • Notice of recovery of Liquidated Damages
  • Notice of rejection of a Remedial Plan
  • Notice of Requirements to Novate Subcontract
  • Notice to Temporary Suspension of the issue of Orders
  • Notice of Termination for Service Provider Default
  • Notice of Termination under the Break Clause
  • Notice of Withdrawal of Workstream(s)
  • Notice requiring production of a Remedial Plan
  • Notices status schedule
  • Pay Less Notice - [Interim] Final Payment
  • Pay Less Notice - Final Account
  • Pay Less Notice - Interim Payment
  • Request for consent to Assign - Novate
  • Right to repair covering letter to Resident
  • Right to Repair Guidance Note for Resident
  • Right to Repair Notice

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Note : The Model Contract Notices refer to clause numbers from the NHF Form of Contract (2011), Revision 5 (2018). Earlier revisions of the Form of Contract have different clause numbers in some sections, and individual clients may have modified the standard Form of Contract. The Model Contract Notices can be used with any version of the 2011 Form of Contract, provided that the clause numbers are aligned between the Contract and the Notices.

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