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multi-tenure appraisals - S106 unit pricing - site valuations - sensitivity analysis - for valuers, developers, local authorities and developing RPs

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M3Pamwin Lite is a full appraisal tool that produces goal-seek residual site valuations and S106 unit offer prices within minutes. It is flexible to your needs, but comes pre-configured to appraise and value any tenure

Multi-tenure appraisals

M3Pamwin Lite is pre-configured to appraise the following tenures: private sale, social and afforable rented (including where capped to LHA, shared ownership, London Living Rent, London Affordable Rent, Rent to Sale, commercial rent and sale. Its standard assumptions enable you to start appraising as soon as you open the model, but you can easily insert your own assumptions instead. M3Pamwin Plus users can import the Lite appraisal into Plus, for further detailed appraisal and monitoring.


S106 unit pricing

The individual value of each unit type within each tenure is clearly defined. For mixed-tenure sites, the percentage of affordable to private units is show per unit, and per habitable room.


Site valuations

M3Pamwin Lite has a goal-seek function to calculate the maximum price a developer could pay for land, including an accurate NPV valuation of affordable units on the site


Sensitivity analysis

Create multiple scenarios for changes to unit values, inflation and other long term assumptions, and run them all together in one model. 


A community of users

All M3 consultants have previously worked in developing HAs, using M3Pamwin in a variety of development and finance roles. This means we can offer you more than just technical support, you also join a community of users that benefits from:

  • codeUser-led system development
  • data_usageUnlimited helpdesk access
  • insert_invitationUser events and web casts
  • timelineBenchmarking of development assumptions
  • present_to_allFuture upgrades at no extra cost
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