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From mobile apps and add-ons, you can find our latest portable offerings here


It's our A5 medium descriptions book in app format. A demonstration version of the SOR is included. In-app purchases allow you to buy full versions of the Responsive and Voids SOR (either v6 or v7).

  • chevron_rightMade for contractors, sub-contractors and DLOs, so that they know exactly what needs to be done to complete the job on-site
  • chevron_rightPortable and available for all iOS devices or Android devices
  • chevron_rightIt allows you to filter and search the entire book quickly
  • chevron_rightEco friendly - saving paper, no printouts
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eSurveys is a fast and intuitive tool for surveyors to collect survey data while on site. Customisation of data collection rules allows you to tailor the information you want to capture and help ensure data integrity.

  • chevron_right Multiple projects can be downloaded to the device, allowing you to swap jobs on the fly
  • chevron_right Auto-completion of fields to reduce time spend inputting and increase data accuracy
  • chevron_right Primary features for collection of Stock Condition and RdSAP Energy surveys, further survey types in development
  • chevron_right Form validation and mandatory photo capture means you always collect the data you need
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M3Surveyor is an add-on to M3Central Diagnostics for surveying empty properties, that works offline.

  • chevron_rightMade for surveyors at HAs and Local Authorities
  • chevron_rightIt allows photos to be attached to each Schedule of Rates item
  • chevron_rightAllows for storing templates for stock condition survey items
  • chevron_rightIncludes built-in templates for standard surveying items
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