Reports and diagnoses repairs in one place

M3Central makes both diagnosing and reporting repairs easy, as it is:

  • web based and runs on M3 servers
  • suitable both for staff diagnosing repairs and residents reporting repairs
  • usable on phones, tablets and desktops
  • compatible with M3Locator Plus and M3Housecall
  • designed for easy deployment and tight integration with other systems

M3Central comes in two modes: Diagnostics and Reporting. Although both can be used standalone, more customers want the best possible integration with their other systems. It's easy to do this with M3Central, and some of our larger customers have integrated M3Central Reporting into their inhouse online customer services. Both M3Central Diagnostics and M3Central Reporting are working with systems from suppliers like Civica and Orchard. We know that other suppliers are also looking at M3Central now and many are planning to integrate the system. For up-to-date  details, it is best to contact the supplier of the system you are using (or thinking of using).

View reference sites and explore M3Central Reporting for yourself.


M3Surveyor is an add-on to M3Central Diagnostics that works offline. That's right: after it's downloaded M3Surveyor needs no internet connection until you want to send your surveys. M3Surveyor: 

  • is intended mainly for void property surveys but can be used to create a schedule of works for any purpose
  • uses the Schedule of Rates associated with your account
  • allows photos to be attached to each Schedule of Rates item
  • can create surveys entirely offline and store them locally before sending them
  • supports user created templates of frequently used items
  • creates surveys that can be opened in M3Locator Plus (not photos yet) as well as M3Central Diagnostics. 
  • is easy to use on mobile devices and works like an app

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M3Central demonstration
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“M3 provided us with brilliant customer service during the implementation of the diagnostic product. We felt the approach M3 took throughout the project helped us achieve our integration into our housing system quicker than we expected and through the training they provided how simple the product was to use. We have been continually been impressed with how quickly they deal with new problems raised and the support they provide to us.”

Paul Aitken, IT Manager,
South Lakes Housing