M3Pamwin Lite FAQs

M3Pamwin Lite is fully supported during office hours.  Ring 020 8274 4000 or email pamwin@m3h.co.uk or use our online form

Consultancy services are also available for complex site support or for developing the spreadsheet for non standard uses.  

If you want to learn more view our M3Pamwin Lite technical information page.

System Setup

What is needed for M3Pamwin Lite?

M3Pamwin Lite is based on an MS Excel Spreadsheet. You need MS Excel 2007, with Macros enabled.

M3Pamwin Lite will work with MS Excel 2003, but you may need to switch on parts of the Analysis pack. Contact M3 for details.

Note: due to bespoke Macros M3Pamwin Lite does not work on an Apple Mac.

System Administration


Can the assumptions used in the appraisal be varied?

M3Pamwin Lite has no user security, so you can modify any assumption at any time. You can modify financial assumptions for an individual tenure as part of a site appraisal, and compare them to the default assumptions in the M3Pamwin Lite model. You can also change the default assumptions.

How much data-entry is required to evaluate a site?

You need to enter a unit mix, including a current value and current market rent, and indicative costs for works. Everything else is calculated for you from your standard assumptions, including the land value.

Tenure options

What do M3Pamwin Lite standard tenure options include?

M3Pamwin Lite can appraise up to ten tenures at a time, including:

  • Social housing for rent on both local authority and housing association terms
  • Supported housing
  • Market rent and intermediate rent
  • All forms of low-cost homeownership including Homebuy and Rent to Homebuy
  • Outright sales
  • Retail and commercial units
  • Existing use as social housing valuations

Customer services

What is the easiest way to have queries dealt with?

The M3Pamwin helpdesk is staffed during office hours on 020 8274 4000. Alternatively, use our contact form. We can help with appraisal as well as technical enquiries.


Does M3Pamwin Lite require an implementation package?

M3Pamwin Lite is so easy to set up and install that implementation consultancy is not essential. If you'd like us to come and go through how to change back-end settings, full training can be provided.

Programme management

Does M3Pamwin Lite have any Programme Management capability?

No - you would need to upgrade from M3Pamwin Lite to M3Pamwin Plus to gain the ability to report across multiple sites.


What is M3Pamwin Lite?

M3Pamwin Lite is an appraisal and valuation tool for any mixed use development. It is easy to set up, simple to learn and quick to use. It gives the same results as the main M3Pamwin Plus system.

What does M3Pamwin Lite do?

M3Pamwin Lite appraises all the tenures on a site at the same time, making it quick and easy to optimise the tenure mix. It can be configured to appraise up to seven different types of tenure.

Who is M3Pamwin Lite designed for?

M3Pamwin Lite is designed to suit local authorities, developers, valuers, buying agents, and development consultants, but can also be used by ALMOS and housing associations.

Does M3Pamwin Lite give the same results as M3Pamwin Plus?

M3Pamwin Lite has been tested against M3Pamwin Plus, and gives the same appraisal results.

Why do people buy M3Pamwin Lite rather than M3Pamwin Plus?

M3Pamwin Lite is designed for organisations that do not yet require the more sophisticated project management facilities of M3Pamwin Plus, who could progress to M3Pamwin Plus when they are ready. M3Pamwin Lite is quick and easy to implement.

What can M3Pamwin Lite be used to calculate?

M3Pamwin Lite can be used to calculate:

  • The price a social landlord could afford to pay for a mixed tenure development
  • The residual value of a site with any given mix of tenures
  • The maximum amount of social housing a development could support at any given level of grant
  • A full range of viability assessments including NPV, IRR, payback year, breakeven year, first year deficit, peak debt and peak debt year, gross margin and interest cover
  • The grant required for a mixed tenure development to break even

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