Provide residents with repairs advice

The M3Repair Handbooks inform residents of your repair policies, explain how to report their repairs and offer guidance on how to care for their property.

The drawings are designed to help those unused to technical terms to communicate exactly what is wrong. The diagrams reflect those in M3Locator Plus.

There are tips for residents on looking after their home, including control of condensation, and for dealing with simple repair tasks such as bleeding a radiator or unblocking a sink.

We offer standard M3Repair Handbooks or a full service to produce a tailored handbook in your own corporate colours including your own contact details and repair reporting procedure.

Welsh version

We are currently working with a landlord to produce a Welsh version of the handbook. Would you like to be involved in the creation of this Welsh language version? If so, please email ben.virgo@m3h.co.uk

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“Rochdale Boroughwide Housing recently worked with M3 to customise the M3Repair Handbook to suit the needs of our customers. The team at M3 assisted us throughout and made the whole tailoring and printing process, easy and efficient. We are very satisfied with the end product, which has now been distributed to all our customers. The handbooks provide customers with our company policies, advice and general information on how to look after their property.”

Mark Fisher,Repairs Manager
Rochdale Boroughwide Housing