We have many years’ experience working with development and finance departments to help them get the best out of our M3Pamwin Plus system. Here is just some of the consultancy and training we can offer you:

  • Re-implementing Pamwin Plus following major changes to group structure
  • Optimising reporting from Pamwin Plus, or building you custom reports in MS Excel (including macros and links to other data sources)
  • Setting up the link to your ledger system, to pull in actual costs and receipt data
  • Building a unit data extract that can be used to feed your housing management system
  • Bespoke training mixing and matching standard course modules, or on the principles of financial modelling, or on the history of social housing development
We would be delighted to discuss your M3Pamwin Plus consultancy requirements and help you to decide precisely what it is you need. If you would like more information then please contact us using our online form or call us on 020 8274 4000.

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