M3 brand guidelines

The key brand resources and fundamentals for our company brand. Find logos, colours and typography specs.

Company logos

Product logos

m3Pamwin M3Pamwin Plus
m3Pamwin lite M3Pamwin Lite
m3Central M3Central
m3RD20 M3RD20
m3CodeSearch M3NHFSORCodeSearch
m3Esurvey M3eSurvey
m3Handbook M3Repair Handbooks
m3Surveyor M3Surveyor
pamwinsync M3Pamwin Sync
Vision M3Vision

NHMF logos

nhmf NHMF
nhmf NHMF

Primary colours

M3 Blue

#005996 0, 89, 150 96% 59% 4% 17%

M3 Mid Blue

#5B80B2 091, 128, 178 69% 46% 10% 0%

M3 light Blue

#A2B2D2 162, 178, 210 36% 24% 5% 0%

M3 Dark Blue

#172B46 23, 43, 70 95% 81% 45% 46%

Light Grey

#f4f5f6 244, 245, 246 3% 2% 2% 0%


#ffffff 255, 255, 255 0% 0% 0% 0%


We use M3 Blue and M3 Dark Blue in backgrounds and app headers. They may be used together in a single background or as a separating element where required. When you need a single colour to represent the brand, use M3 Blue.

Product colours


#54b948 24, 185, 72 69% 0% 100% 0%


#b0bc22 176, 188, 34 23% 0% 100% 17%


#ed174f 237, 23, 79 0% 100% 62% 0%


#0096d6 0, 150, 214 85% 24% 0% 0%


We are moving towards making M3 Brand colours the most prominent, however in cases where the product colours are required, these may be used as highlights or backgrounds, but never as text heading.


Roboto is the standard typeface for M3 on the web, print, and desktop applications and presentations. You can download the font from here. For emails however, we use Arial / sans-serif.

Extra large heading

font-size: 58px font-weight: bold line-height: 1

Large heading

font-size: 48px font-weight: bold line-height: 1.25

Normal heading

font-size: 28px font-weight: bold line-height: 1.25

Small heading

font-size: 28px font-weight: bold line-height: 1.25


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Dignissimos aut beatae voluptates magni inventore quae. Qui distinctio perferendis dicta temporibus eveniet voluptatem tempore aspernatur, quas saepe provident sunt maxime odit!

font-size: 16px / 18px font-weight: 300 line-height: 1.6 margin-bottom: 15px


The default list for desktop applications should be fine, but make sure to keep the line spacing at 1.6. Additionally, when the list consists of full paragraphs, please separate each paragraph with a margin bottom of 15px.

  • 30px
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit
  • 30px
font-size: 16px / 18px font-weight: 300 line-height: 1.6 margin-top: 30px margin-bottom: 30px


Available templates for internal M3 use only. Please copy the file path and paste it on an explorer window.

M:\Marketing\Branding and style\M3\Templates\

M:\Marketing\Branding and style\HS\Templates\

(Note this will only work when you are connected to our office network and have access permission to our directories)

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